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What Others Say


"Lexie met me in the lobby of the hotel, she was wearing her trademark tight red dress.

As we approached each other she seduced me with her beautiful blue eyes and charming smile. We had a five-hour booking and Lexie made every moment memorable from the time of our first passionate kiss, through to her coy “until we meet again” wave goodbye at the end of the evening.

Lexie has a glow that makes people around her feel at ease. Walking arm in arm through the restaurant we were the darling honeymoon couple everyone smiled at.

I felt like a million dollars with the most beautiful woman in the world sitting next to me chatting about life, the universe, and everything.

My only regret is the booking was only 5 hours."

Best Christmas Eve Ever 2019



"Upon arriving in Brisbane, Lexie met me in the foyer of the hotel and wore her beautiful smile with her sexy black dress. As soon as we greeted each other I felt like I knew Lexie for years and any nerves I had quickly vanished. Lexie put me at ease straight away.

I wished the ride in the lift was longer so I could enjoy the first kisses a little longer. When we arrived at her room, the formalitiesdealt with and a few more kisses, we moved to the bedroom. I respect Lexie too much to go into detail, but I will say is that Lexie has left me with wonderful memories.

For those who follow Lexie on Twitter, I can reassure you that she is as positive in person as she is on Twitter. Lexie had me smiling, with her playful banter, which for me just added to the experience.

Give Lexie the respect she deserves and I can guarantee you will get the true Lexie and have the best time possible with her."

March 2015



"So been eyeing Lexie for some time now and finally decided to take the punt. Contact and organising the time were made with ease. Once I reached the door and enter the room.......her tongue was down my throat and she was grinding my crotch. This was going to be a fantastic session.

Once I gave her the envelope with payment, tongue back down my throat followed with a BBBJ. Clothes were finally taken off and lied on the bed while she worship my cock to every inch and came like a valcano. It was my turn to pleasure her with a bit of DATY. Wasn't long before Jr rose up and wanted more fun. The dom went on and the fun started. Various positions were tried and lots of fun was had. After I came, she worked to complete exhaustion. With some time left, she gave me a great massage and some good conversation to end the session.

She is an intelligent lady who really loves her job. She loves to fuck and a joy to be with. A must try for everyone."

February 2015



"Gentlemen you are looking for somebody to take away who is discreet and good at what she does this is the Lady for you in saying that give her the same in return do not try and take photos or find out her ID age has a family as well and once she realised this with me she was the most loveable warm person that I have been with for many years  If you want her to be discreet you also need to be discreet."

January 2015


Ashley - Weekend Away

"Made arrangements with Lexie to take her  away with me for 3 days/2 nights to Queensland.
Met her at Adelaide airport. We flew to Brisbane together and then drove down to Gold Coast.   Lexie is extremely easy to get on with, very accomodating. 

Whether casually dressed or fine dining she is elegantly dressed and wears
beautiful exquisite lingerie.

In the evenings we dined at 2 of the finest restaurants on the Gold Coast. Both times Lexie dressed elegantly, and was commented on how well dressed she was by the staff as well.

Nothing is any problem for Lexie.  Extremely good company. Great conversation.
Great fun to be around. Brilliant entertaining and at her job!
Sex was available at any time, except sleep time.

Lexie is very easy to please, easy to shop for.

Most awesome weekend had. Well worth going away. Only problem Wasn't long enough. 
Highly recommend if you require a travel companion for the weekend. 
Looking forward to doing it again. 

Just want to say thank you to Lexie for the most awesome week end. You are witty & fun to be with. Your manners are impeccable you were a joy to have along.

when I need to go again I hope you are available to accompany me thank you once again."


January 2015


John B

"Had an amazing day last friday. I had a double with Lexie & Maddy Jones. Ms Jones is a Sydney Private Escort. I had been planning this for over a year & I was not disappointed Lexie was her usual stunning self & Maddy was gorgeous & they both enjoyed each other immensely, they both made me very relaxed & i enjoyed the whole experience.

I Highly recommend both Ladies.

Thank you Lexie & Maddy xxxx"

October 2014


Andrew R

"Have had the real pleasure of knowing Lexie for a while. This however was only the second time I’ve had the pleasure of an intimate encounter with Lexie. That is entirely my fault.

Lexie is a charming classy lady, who will immediately puts you at ease. I’m still fairly new to the whys and whatfors of escorts. Lexie is a lady ideal for a nervous first time gent or lady.

Our meeting began with dinner at a local restaurant before we moved onto Lexie’s incall residence located in the inner eastern suburbs of Adelaide.

Proceedings in the bedroom are always extremely satisfying with Lexie, and can vary from GFE to something more wild. I love how encounters so far have been varied and different both times. Both have been totally satsifying.

Lexie is a discreet professional and classy lady indeed. Lexie is not a clock watcher. But dont abuse the privledge. Be a gentleman, show respect and you will be rewarded. I cannot recommend Lexie highly enough.

Will be seeing Lexie again and again."

October 2014



"What can I say about Lexie that hasn't already been said. I can only ad to the chorus of adoration.

I was initially drawn to Lexieby her photos with Long Blond Hair, little did I know that was a wig.

Lexie and I have talked a lot sinceour first contact. I find her to be an intelligent, caring and passionate lady who takes a real interest in all her clients, even those she hasn't meet face to face.

Finally we managed a get together in Hahndorf, a nice little motel unit with a squeaky bed and a good spa. The spa was put to immediate use, and much touching and exploring followed. The action moved to the bed.

Every moment with Lexie was treasured, I'd gone with the naughtier Lexie package. I enjoyed my first BBBJ. Lexie enjoyed restraining me, blind folding and teasing me. I loved and Lexie loved DFK & DATY. I knew Lexie enjoyed our time together. I enjoyed her riding on top watching her face as the pleasure increased. Lexie certainly is not a clock watcher. without going into explicit details, we both feel the need to repeat the experience again soon."

July 2014



"Lexie and Honey – naughty twosome.

I had seen both before but not together, booking Lexie and Honey was easy a couple of emails and all done. I had sent the ladies a role play outline about the old Frog being pray for two lovers who just like to pick up a guy for their own fun.

The beginning: I knocked on the door to be greeted by both ladies looking stunning in stocking lingerie. It started with me acting like a jerk saying I was here to fulfill their dreams but the ladies took control. I was blindfolded, stripped, pushed back on the bed, handcuffed and tied go the bedhead.

Whilst Honey tied my legs with stockings Lexie kissed me , teased and bit my nipples, Honey joined in the teasing, at one point I felt a pin pricking all over my body (later told it was a pinwheel), being blindfolded I was in sensory overload. Honey then said it was time to have fun themselves. I was talking too much so I got the ball gag then Lexie lay on her back across me while Honey went down between her legs, I only got a couple of glimpses, they made sure the blindfold was on, it was very frustrating hearing all the action but not seeing. I felt Lexie’s orgasm as she squirmed on top of me.

Things continued in this vein for quite a while, Honey sitting my face (gag removed) while Lexie so wonderfully sucked my cock, Lexie lying on top of me whilst eating out Honey who was positioned just above my head and lots teasing kisses and touching.

Eventually I was given a reprieve and the binds removed. This didn’t stop the activity.

Thinking back it is bit of a blur but I recall Lexie mounting me doing vigorous cowgirl, Honey licking my balls and cock while Lexie was on my face. Then I was standing with Lexie sucking me and Honey was caressing me and putting a couple of lubed fingers in my arse. A bit later I was on top of Honey fucking her great tits and was asked to stop so Lexie could latch onto Honey’s love pot again, once Honey had come again (Lexie must have a magic tongue ) I was able to come myself on Honey.

There was more I can’t recall it all. Towards the end Honey left the room to set up the final “act”. Lexie and I engaged in some mish then standing doggie, Honey came back and spread her legs in front of Lexie who obliged, what a great sight as I continue to bang away from behind.

The final act: The ladies lead me to the bath room, Honey had used the shower to get it all steamy and laid out candles for a nice touch. I was told to sit in the corner of the shower, both stood over me a soon enough a warm steam of piss came out of Honey over me, Lexie tried but, hey next time. They then caressed each other as they washed in the shower, eventually they allowed me to join in, there’s nothing like soapy boobs rubbing in your back. Time to get dry and head back to the room to get dressed.

It was over I had survived.

Both ladies where great, they played along well and whilst I am not sure if I have fully captured the feeling I can assure you a fun time was had by all.

Will I be back, yes they are fantastic together, for next time I have another devilish idea."

June 2014.


Mr. M

"A couple months ago I was lucky enough to briefly meet and chat with Lexie at a drinks night here in Adelaide, Shortly after we ended up following each other on twitter. Normally after something like this I have to worry about the little Paige devil that's sits on one shoulder, and the Honey-angel who sits on the other, whispering enticements into my mind. In this case however it was the real Honey who gave me a nudge and told me what a lovely woman Lexie was, and that she now had a regular CBD site to work from (every Friday and Saturday fortnight I believe). After a while I shot her a message to try to arrange to meet - unfortunately at that time it did not happen - other work commitments on both our parts conspired to keep us apart. Get to yesterday, quick message and yes! appointment made.

Lexie is one of the most positive people I have ever met, and had a wicked sense of humour. She is attractive, confident and passionate, and will do her best to put you at ease. Her oral skills are "mind" blowing, and I have rarely seen anyone so responsive and well aggressively mobile in response to a touch or tongue.

Lexie has a couple levels of service which are outlined quite clearly on her website - just check there.

And the ever important quest - would I go back? Yes, definitely. It would only be my regular playmates stopping me from doing so more often."

May 2014.



FFM Doubles Booking : "Hi all just had to let you all know that I had the pleasure of the first Double offered by Lexie & Honey wow it was great . They both enjoyed my company as well as each other . Honey & I were fighting over Lexie's pussy at one stage lol.Lexie was fighting over Honey's pussy. The overall experience was great it was my first double & I am glad I chose Lexie & Honey so I recommend you give them a try!"

May 2014.



"I have been chatting to Lexie on Twitter for about 6 months and I was almost desperate to see her but until now we weren't able to organise a mutually convenient time. I met her at the recent Adelaide drinks night and that made me all the more determined to organise a play date. I had a couple of days sorted that would suit me so I texted her for a convenient time to phone to see what we could sort out. Lexie really went out of her way to organise a time and place to see me (outside her normal working days) for which I am very grateful.

Now to the good bits! I was really looking forward to seeing Lexie and received a text about 15 minutes before our agreed time (this was a 2 hour booking) saying that she was ready. A good start. I couldn't get in there quick enough. She answered the door wearing something I hadn't really expected but she looked so hot. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her. As soon as I was inside we were kissing, she is a great kisser. She pushed me on the bed, our lips still locked together and our hands wandering wherever they wanted. After a while she sat up saying "Let's get you undressed!" After that was done it was my turn, although there wasn't much to take off. We were lying on the bed naked, still kissing and rubbing each other all over. After some licking and sucking, her mouth found it's way to my cock and I experienced one of the most intense BJ's I can remember. Then a quick breather and it was my turn. I kissed and licked and sucked my way down her body lingering on her neck and nipples then down for some DATY on her sweet pussy. That was so nice and I'm pretty sure Lexie thought so too.

Now, if you have seen any of my previous reviews, you may know I am into showers of the golden variety. Lexie lists this on her site as one of her services. We had discussed this on Twitter earlier and she was happy to try and do it for me. I brought the necessary supplies to avoid making a mess and Lexie had prepared by drinking a lot (and I mean A LOT) of water. She was almost ready to burst so we got into position. She was worried she would get stage fright but that was not the case. Once it started to flow I thought it would never stop. I could see myself drowning. It was one of the best golden showers I have ever had. When she finished she sat on top of me, our mouths locked together again and she began humping away like crazy. It was fantastic.

We jumped in the shower and gave each other a lather up then a quick dry off and back on the bed. More kissing, rubbing, sucking and licking then we moved into 69. After a while she turned around and was on top of me again. Soon she was busting again so this time it was into the bathroom and I just watched her wee which was a huge turn on for me. Then back on the bed in various positions and soon it was all over. We went over time (Lexie is very generous with her time) so I helped her clean up a bit and then, after another quick shower, it was sadly time to leave. One last kiss and hug. I didn't want to let her go.

Lexie is a truly lovely lady and we have quite a few things in common and we were chatting away about stuff the whole time which is kind of nice. We were even showing each other how to do different types of push-ups! She is intelligent, natural, down to earth and really quite funny too. Not to mention her absolutely HOT body. And she really knows how to use it. I just can't wait to see her again..."

March 2014.



"I had the very distinct pleasure of meeting Lexie recently. Let me start from the beginning....Setting up a session was easy, Lexie was a delight to deal with right from the get go.

Fortunately, I didn't have to wait too long to play with her. The night in question comes around and I'm chomping at the bit to get my hands on her. I arrive at her location, knock on the door .... I hear motion in side ..... my heart rate starts to rise ... anticipation building ... she answers the door.

WOW! What a woman. All class. She takes me by the hand and leads me inside and pours me a glass of wine. We chatted for a couple of moments when she seductively put her arms around my neck. We slowly move closer and our lips meet in an explosion of passion. My hands start to explore her body. As things began to heat up we started to disrobe each other, stopping every now and then to enjoy all that our bodies had to offer. Then by magic, OK it was Lexie, my pants are around my ankles and little sumguy was in her mouth. - so warm, so wet I almost started drooling.

Being a generous guy I removed the rest of her clothes, I dropped to me knees and took her pussy in my mouth with my hands firmly clasped around her bum. She stands me up and pushes me on the bed, little sumguy was at full attention now and begging for attention. Lexie starts to suck it, I'm going out of my mind, she is brilliant.

Not wanting to release yet I stop her and more DFK. My hand wanders down to her pussy and begins to play with it. I Kiss and lick my way down her entire beautiful body. My tongue reaches her naughty bits and starts to do its magic. Lexie has a great pussy, so sweet and tasty. Man oh man does she respond well to DATY, she would have been quite happy (and so would I) to just stay there.

After she quenched my thirst with her love juice we moved into our first position. Lexie climbed on top and lowered herself on little sumguy. Pure bliss my friends. A couple of position changes later I'm ready to explode.

My release was awesome, Intense. We lay there holding each other sipping our wine and chatting.

Lexie is a class act. Sexy, beautiful, passionate, erotic, intelligent. I just don't have the vocabulary to describe her properly." January 2014.



"For a while now I been thinking to see Lexie and I can tell you I am very happy that I have. She's got to be a South Australian hidden treasure. I've seen quite a few WLs over my time and I rate her right up there. My time with her was fantastic!

Body to die for - fucking hot, BBBJ was awesome, DFK - man talking about deep, Oh man she loves DATTY. The sex was fantastic! vey sexual and she knows what she doing.

It was a terrific 4 hrs that I spent with her so punters I highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed; this lady is pure class . I'm not good writing reviews, I'm not doing her any justice I just wish I had the gift to say in words how awesome this classy lady is in my eyes she's a AAA+ 
'Like a fine wine'" January2014.



"We had a toast and drink of wine, a bit of a chat that didn't last long and tongues were lashing in our mouths. As we were kissing, my leg was shaking and my heart pouncing while this sexy babe was on me. I then picked her up and carried her to the bed and laid her on her back. It was really getting hot so i threw off her shoes and stripped her dress of from her lovely body. I then started to massage by licking her toes with my pointy tongue!

Then working my way back, licking her thighs i took my clothes of i looked back at her body, only to see what every honest man wants; her body firm breasts, tight little arse, beautiful lovely legs, blue eyes and a lovely honest cheeky smile! Back into it licking her delicious hot wet pussy before i knew Lexie was thrusting her pussy on my groin!

Time was up so we shared a shower together as we pashed and kissed each other - in some places that gave her goose bumps and made her giggle. We got out the shower dried and got dressed I then escorted Lexie to her car where we continued to pash and hug.

Lexie is the best thing that has happened to me! She has made me laugh and her kisses and warm hugs really make you feel special. Lexie deserves every man and women to treat her with honesty and respect to make her feel special as well.

And do what i have done, rose petals flowers chocolates... all i can say is it has been a privilege to have met Lexie who is one hell of a country chick. I cant wait to be in your presence.

There will always be a place in my heart for you Lexie, never forget you really are loving and sweet like a candy bar sweet dreams my babe.

Cheers Lewis." November 2013.



"Lexie had come to my attention when she joined PP but being Barossa based I thought it unlikely we would meet as it is a long way from where I live. We had a message exchange via Mischiefo and Lexie said she did the occasional booking in the CBD. So a couple of months later I found myself making may way through heavy rain ( had to park some distance away) to Lexie’s door.

She greeted me with a big smile looking classy wearing a blue body hugging dress (similar to the black one on her website) stockings and high heels. After taking off my wet coat and settling on the couch Lexie provided me with a scotch which I barely had a sip before she straddled my lap and started a DFK assault, wow can this lady kiss in fact I was to discover she loves all things oral.

This passionate kissing and grinding herself on my groin continued for some time before it was decided we were overdressed and went upstairs to be bedroom. I help Lexie out her dress to reveal lovely red underwear and got stripped down myself.

Next I heard “ lie down on your back so I can suck your cock” if she was great at DFK she was better at cock sucking , she worked it for some time, thankfully frog jnr doesn’t come easily these days and I wanted to get my hands on her. Slipping off her bra revealed a nice pair of natural D’s, which she loves being sucked and I mean sucked, no halfhearted oral activities for this lady. After removing her stockings and giving her toes a little tongue massage I removed her panties and moved in on the prize. By now it was no surprise Lexi reacted strongly to a tongue lashing and a little rimming eventually having a couple of orgasms.

As I write this I am little hazy on what happened next, there was another great BBBJ which brought me off, more DFK, DATY and orgasms. There was some vigorous fucking in mish which amazingly brought a second coming from frog jnr and session of rimming on her which lead to a doggie. We didn’t get to Lexi e‘s favorite cow girl, always next time.

The session finished with more DATY which literally left her legs trembling; ah Froggy your work is done. A quick look at the clock showed we had gone over time but no hurry from Lexie, time for a shower for two and farewell kiss before venturing out into the continuing rain.

Lexie being from the Barossa a wine analogy is called for, so I would describe her as a fine shiraz from the high slopes of Eden Valley - spicy, fresh, nicely rounded and a wonderful thing to taste and experience." May 2013.


Mr Moscato

"Thank you for a wonderful evening. You gave far more than I expected and it was an absolute pleasure meeting such a beautiful sexy and refined lady. I look forward to our next time together." April 2013.


Mr Baileys

What can I say my last meeting with Lexie was overnight. It started with Lexie meeting me at the door dressed specially for me & can I say she is the Sexiest tradie going around. She kissed me passionately I then helped her undress to reveal her sexy body she has such a tight body firm breast she is just beautiful. Then it was sex & a shower before we went to dinner where it was hard for me to concentrate as Lexie was commando & she was keeping her feet warm by rubbing me under the table. We went back to the room for Lexies special talent of giving the best Blow Job you will ever have she also enjoyed me DATY which I enjoy. We then had a spa with lots of bubbles which Lexi enjoyed. Few hours later after some sleep woke up to have this sexy naked body next to me a Quick blow job & I had to go and catch my flight. All I can say is Lexie is a sexy beautiful sensitive person who I hope to see many more times..



Where does one start to describe a dedicated professional individual as Lexie. This sex kitten has it all, she's been rattling my old bones and seducing me for well over a year now. The thoughts of her approach to our regular meets reminds me of my childhood times waiting outside that candy store, to open with all those yummy treats and sweets. I can highly recommend this special individual she will visually please at first site and as she disrobes and you view that hot body your heart rate with rapidly rise. She will consume your every thought. She is so so hot, loves taking control of your manhood as you will totally enjoy eating her hot wet throbbing pussy like a mountain stream fresh and exhilerating and getting hard just the thought of Lexie... December 2012.