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The Blog of an Adelaide Escort

Long Hot Day | 14th Mar 2017

I reached in and turned on the tap, the cold water bounced off of my arm and a few landed on my breasts. It was col but refreshing. My arm tensed in the coolness of the water, not good considering how sore they were.

The water warmed. I bounced my hand in the water, splashing it against my body. I giggled, playing in the water is still fun! I could feel that the water had lost its chill. I eased my shoulder and neck under the cascading water. I groaned as the water tumbled over my shoulder and neck. I could feel my shoulders relaxing as the water warmed. ‘If only there were someone in here to rub them’, I thought.

Gardening had always been enjoyable work. Even getting dirty. I love getting dirty. But I love a shower afterwards. It’s a way that I can pamper and reward myself for a hard day bent over in the garden.

I tipped my head back under the water. I raised my arms and pulled my hands through my hair. There was grass stuck to my hands. ‘How did you do that Lexie?’, I wondered. I grabbed some shampoo and tipped the silky solution into my hand. I raised my hands to my head and massaged the soft shampoo into my scalp. ‘Mmmm’, I groaned. Oh another massage I enjoy! I rubbed and caressed, the bubbles slid down my neck, across my breasts and down my back and over my round behind. They tickled in my curves and between my legs.

I grabbed the soap, but my hands were slippery with suds from the shampoo, and it bounced out of my hands and around the shower. I bent over to pick it up and it slid away. I reached again, and it moved again. I laughed to myself. I cornered the soap and stayed bent over as the warm water soothed my sore back and ran over and between my legs. I shuddered a little at the warmness.

I stood up and ran the soap ALL OVER my body. Every nook and cranny got a good wash. That grass was itchy and I needed that itch gone! I reached between my legs with my hand and lathered the soap. It was warm and slippery. The water continued to flow over my body and took away the soap and grass.

I tipped my head back and rinsed the shampoo from my hair. I slicked my hair back with my hands. It lay flat against my head, it was cooling me down. ‘Don’t forget the conditioner this time’, I thought. I squeezed some into my hand. Thank goodness I don’t need to rinse it!

I turned off the shower and reached around outside for my white fluffy towel. I grabbed it and wrapped it around my body. It was warm and soft against my skin. I was relaxed. If only there were someone here to give me a massage!

Weekend Trip | 13th Feb 2017

The plane touched down. You know that sudden jolt and the sound of the wheels rumbling across the tarmac? The lurch forward stirred the butterflies in my stomach. It had been a while since we saw each other and he had flown me in for the weekend. I was excited!

I had to laugh when I went to get my luggage from the overhead locker. My case had slid right to the back, so here I am on tip toe, leaning over the guy in the aisle seat. My shirt is riding up, exposing my stomach and my skirt is following it too! My legs are tight and the guy is getting full view of my flat stomach in his face. I try hard not to look but when I get the case, he helps me not hit him in the head with it and I can see the grin on his face. Oh well, he needs a little light relief from his stuffy business trip.

I walk up the ramp. There he is! Flowers in hand! He’s such a gentleman. I give him a huge hug and we kiss. The looks of people around us are a mixture of ‘Isn’t that sweet!’ and ‘Get a room!’ If only they knew!

I take the flowers and he takes my carry-on and we walk down to grab my suitcase. I love it! We are laughing and chatting. It’s like no time has passed, when in reality it has been over a year.

We wait at the carousel and he slides his arm around my waist. I point out my suitcase and he strolls over and lifts it with ease. His muscles flex, which makes me smile. He catches me smiling, smiles and flexes again. I laugh. It’s so nice that we can play with each other like this.

We head over to the carpark. He’s parked away from the other cars. I know what he has planned. We try to contain our excitement and not run, but it’s so hard! We reach the car and he lifts my case and carry-on into the boot. I caress his back and butt as he bends over. He stands up and turns me so my back is against the car. We kiss. As our tongues explore his hand wanders. It brushes down the side of my shirt, skimming over my breasts which are now heaving underneath. He runs his hand down my waist and to the hem of my skirt. He runs his fingers along the edge across my smooth thighs. As he does this he is pushing my skirt higher. I wriggle to help it ride up.

‘Let’s get in the car’, I whisper.

Yard Work | 26th Jan 2017

It had been a long hot day. I had been tidying up the yard and mowing the lawns in my day job.

I had grass up my legs and in my hair and I was sure there was some down my shirt – bouncing around and tickling my stomach.

I kicked my boots off at the back door and peeled my socks off. My feet were hot and tired. They welcomed the cool floor underneath. I curled my toes and rolled my neck. It was nice to be home.

I walked straight to the bathroom. I peeled my work shirt off. It hit the floor with a thud. It was full of dirt, sweat, and grass clippings. Pieces of grass had stuck to my breasts and my stomach. I reached around my back and unfastened my bra. There were pieces of grass sitting under my breasts in the cups. No wonder they were itchy!

I loosened the belt of my work shorts and slid it out through the loops. I gave it a satisfying ‘crack’ as it slipped out. ‘That’s such a fun sound’, I though. I unbuttoned my shorts and slid the zipper slowly down. I wriggled and my shorts slowly slid down my legs. There’s only one problem going commando to work! Grass clippings fly everywhere. Though, my shorts are so tight only a few pieces were able to get in. I brushed the pieces off, they itched, so I gave myself a good rub to get the feeling away.

I stretched my arms up, stood on tiptoe and admired myself in the mirror. My round breasts poked forwards and my stomach lay flat underneath. The round of my mound bumped up and disappeared between my thighs. I turned to see my round behind. I smiled. I do like what I see.

I bent my hands down and ruffled my hair. Grass flew around. The view of myself with my arms up but hands bent down to my head was quite a sight. I licked my lips and opened up the shower…

Hold me close | 13th Jan 2017

He held me close in his arms, tighter. I felt the strength in his biceps. I groaned as one of his hands slipped up under my skirt.

A grin shot across his face as he realised that I was commando. I groaned again as his hand cupped me. He pressed firmly against my groin & I felt his fingers slipping as I moistened and heated up.

‘Ooooh’, I groaned.

His other hand had reached inside my tshirt and cupped my breast. I flinched as he flicked my nipple & I bit my lip.

We had been chatting on and off online. He was a nice guy. He was clean & tidy and smelled good enough to eat (well that was my plan for later). The thing I liked was that he was a gentleman.

He held the door open for me. He asked me if I would like a drink when I arrived. He bought me flowers. All of these things make me feel special, like I’m wanted for more than just the sex.

I pulled my tshirt off over my head and my breasts sprung out. My nipples were hard from his attention and he knew his attentions elsewhere were working. I had to lean against the wall to hold myself up.

He came towards me, I put one foot up against the wall and my skirt slid up. He smiled. He put one hand on the wall and the other traced a line down my cheek and over my breast. I sighed. His hand ran along my bent leg. He got to my knee and winked. Then he slowly bent down onto his knees and I knew that this was going to be a very pleasurable evening.

Letter to the New One | 8th Jan 2017

He was sweet and new. We had been chatting a while online. A tweet here, a DM there. It was all innocent fun.

Actually, it wasn’t too innocent. I liked to tease him. Especially in the middle of the day when I knew he had to go to meetings with clients soon after. Sometimes it was a picture that I had posted with a little temptation of what the woman would taste like. Other times it was how I’d like to be his personal secretary and make sure his EVERY need was catered to. You know, the secretary with the tight white shirt and miniskirt, the one with the sky high stilettos. This secretary doesn’t like to wear knickers though and I’m so used to wearing shorts in real life that I have a habit of sitting with my legs wide open!

One day we set up a call. I could tell he was nervous, but it wasn’t long until he relaxed and we were laughing like a pair of teenagers. I felt so naughty as I knew he had snuck away from work to chat with me. But that feeling soon left as he told me that he was going to have to stay seated for the next few minutes after we hung up or else he would look like some weird perv walking down the street with a massive erection. I have to admit, I love stroking egos just as much as stroking bodies.

We kept chatting over the weeks. Becoming more and more suggestive. We had our own little way of describing each other and what we wanted to do. I can bet that the chats were getting me just as hot as they were him.

Then the day came, he texted me for a booking. My heart skipped a beat! It was finally time. I knew he wasn’t going to be disappointed. And I looked forward to it, counting down the days until I could show him just how good I was and how I could keep our conversation going in real life and make our fantasies reality.

To the couple | 22nd Dec 2016

Man he was hot and she wasn’t bad either. They were in their early forties, the kids had grown and they were in desperate need to reconnect. She didn’t know that he had been following me online for a while. I noticed how he liked things. Just a casual nod of appreciation for the scantily clad photos or the blog posts. I knew that I kept the lead in his pencil.

You can imagine my surprise when we started to chat. Just casually, then he started to ask more and more about my doubles. He asked if we could chat on the phone. So we set up a time. Then a little before we chatted he asked if his wife could listen in. A bit kinky! I like it!

I admit that I was wary through the call. We said hello to each other. We chatted and teased. Later that day she asked to connect on Twitter. Well, it would be rude of me to refuse since we had spoken earlier.

She liked my pictures. Particularly the black & white ones of women where you could tell she was squirming for all the right reasons! Then one day she messaged me. She wanted to surprise her husband for his birthday. She wanted to give him the threesome she knew he wanted.

The day came. (and so did we) She had booked the room and asked that I turn up after dinner. I was desert, she said. Well I certainly was! When I entered the room, she’d answered the door with nothing on and then showed me to the bathroom. When I came out there were towels on the bed and whipped cream, chocolate topping, and caramel sauce out. I knew I was in for a treat. She told me to lay on the bed and she would get her hubby back from the corner store. She’d sent him out for a late night snack.

He walked in to see me spread out across the bed, cream partly licked off of each nipple and his wife slowly licking the caramel sauce from my box. She was good! Slow, making sure to clean every inch of my pussy. Not that it needed much cleaning as it was dripping wet!

I’ve never seen a man look so shocked and torn at once. He stripped off, went into the bathroom to clean himself off and came back and sat in the chair and watched as his wife moaned and squirmed as I went down on her.

Letter to the man who holds me | 14th Dec 2016

“Come on Lexie, come lay down”. I’m tired and he can see it. We’ve been busy this afternoon. It’s too early for dinner and too late for a siesta, but I just can’t help myself. I’m tired.

He’d met me earlier in the day. He had organised the hotel and we had gone for lunch. We walked around the town. Tourists in our own backyard. It was nice. But oh my, my feet were sore! My legs were tired. I kicked my shoes off and my toes almost squealed in relief as they touched the carpet.

I walked over to the bed. It was big. King sized! Big enough for us and one of our closest friends. Hmm, if only! I looked again. Ok, that bed is pretty high off the ground and I have a short skirt on and you know I go commando! There was only one thing for it. Hitch my skirt up and rather uncouthly put one knee up on the bed to hoist myself up.

He grinned. Of course I flashed him! Pretty unavoidable really.

I slowly crawled up the bed and him. His arm was stretched out to the sides. I passed over his hips and curled myself up next to him. My head was on his arm. The hairs tickled my nose. His other arm came over the top of my shoulder and wrapped me up. I held his hands and I knew that although we only had a few hours together but right then… time stopped still.

To the couple in the next room | 9th Dec 2016

We first saw you in the lobby. You were adorable, the way you held hands, the way he brushed the hair from her cheek, the way he nuzzled his neck. Young love. The kind you have when your heart is still unbroken and you are invincible.

We watched you as he pinched her bum as she reached in front of me to press the lift button and realised we were on the same floor. We saw her cheeks flush and she spun around and tried to give him a dirty look but all she ended up doing was laugh. She raced back and snuggled into his shoulder. You could tell that was where she felt most secure.

You both raced out of the lift in front of us. So eager! She gave him a pat on the bum as he looked for the room numbers on the hotel wall and then took off! She chased after him, laughing and teasing. You stopped & he fumbled the key card into the slot. She had her body pressed hard against his back as she rested her chin on his shoulder, breathing into his ear.

I let out a little giggle when I realised that our room was right next door. That would be right, I’m here for a nice overnight GFE with a client and we have two horny little rabbits next door! Oh well, perhaps we can teach them a thing or two. I saw him wink at us and give a kind of knowing nod, she giggled and you went in your room.

We settled in on the bed and we could hear little squeals of laughter, you flopping on the bed and then it stopped and the bath was started. “Ooooh”, I said, “Now there’s an idea!” The man with me gave a wink and came over and nuzzled my neck, making me squirm and giggle like the girl in the next room. We hopped in the shower together and we could hear the laughter and splashing in the next room.

We heard you get out of the bath and not long after we could hear her moaning. It was deep and husky and there was no mistaking that he was DATY. We started exploring each other with our hands and I let out a moan as my man’s hands slipped between my legs.

There was the soft rhythmical squeaking of the bed, he grunted and then all of a sudden there was a thump, like one of you had been flipped over and the other was on top. Then, ‘slap’ and she let out another moan. Oh he had her bent over! I winked at my man and moved my head down his body, he let out a groan in agreement…

To the man looking for the GFE | 30th Nov 2016

I have to be honest, I like a good hard screw as much as most, but there’s something about getting to know you.

I meet you at the local bar or café and we have a drink. We chat a little. I notice you looking down my low cut top and I whisper to you that I’m also going commando. You smile and blush and quickly grab the bill.

We head back to the room and you pour us both a drink. I suggest we have a shower as there’s nothing quite like curling up clean and naked on crisp sheets. I have to say your touch is quite gentle as you rub the soap down over the small of my back and over my backside. You give one of my cheeks a little squeeze and I direct your hand to slip between the cheeks of my arse. Bare, wet and soapy – my body is very slippery.

After a little further time in the shower, we dry off and head to those crisp sheets. Your back is hard up against the wall and I slip between your legs and wrap them around me. I lay back against your body and your hands explore my breasts and stomach. You whisper in my ear, we laugh. You tell me about your week, your plans, the things you like to do on the weekend. It’s fun. You’ve relaxed as we lie there. I feel your breath slow, your body relaxes, but your heart beat quickens as the blood fills your groin and it presses into my back. It’s growing and I shift your legs off of me as you nibble on my neck.

I turn you over and straddle you, rubbing my hands across your stomach and chest. “It’s my turn”, I say. You groan as I begin.

A letter to the masseur | 23rd Nov 2016

So I’m laying here on your massage table. I’ve stripped down and done my best to cover my g-string clad behind with the small fluffy towel you left me.

The door creaks open and you walk in, I feel your leg brush my arm as you walk down to my feet. I hear the pump pack squirt oil into your hands. “smack”, you clap your hands together and rub them vigorously to warm the oil .

Your thumbs press into the middle of my foot, I squirm as it tickles. You move up over my heel to my calf. “Oh Lexie”, you say, “You’ve been working hard my dear. Your legs are so tight”. His thumbs run up the inside of my calf, my shin cradled in the palm of his hand. His hands are large and firm. I can tell he knows his way around a body.

He gently moves over my knee and up to my thigh. “Could you spread your legs a little please”, he asks. I move my feet so they rest just on the edge of the table. The towel slips off of my arse and tumbles onto the floor. There I am, g-string showing, legs open, and his hands are slowly circling up the inside of my thigh. He clears his throat nervously. “Sorry” he stammers. “Don’t be”, I reply. “I’m not worried”. A little grin goes over my face as I imagine how he is looking at my round arse in my g-string.

He moves around to the side of the table and he starts rubbing both hands back and forth over my thigh. As he reaches between my legs I feel his groin press up against the outside of my thigh & by the feeling of the bulge in his pants, he’s not sorry that towel fell off!

His hand skims up over the cheek of my arse and to the small of my back. I let out a low moan as he moves to stand above my head, his groin presses in my hair, and he kneads the knots at the base of my spine.

The tips of his fingers keep slipping under the top of my g-string, while he might want me to think that it’s because he wants to make sure he massage deep down my back and onto the top of my arse, I know that really he just wants to run his hands over my firm cheeks.

A letter to my tennis coach | 15th Nov 2016

“C’mon Lexie, keep up!” he bellowed as his first serve whizzed past my ear and bounced just inside the court.

Is he for real? He’s had me running all around the court all morning. I have sweat running down between my breasts and my tennis skirt is sticking to my legs!

“30 – love!” he yells, a cheeky grin runs across his face. I’ll give him ‘love’ I think to myself.

Whack! I return his volley, it sails across the net. He has to race in to save the point.

Whack! I have him running across the court to the other side.

Whack! I lob the ball into the far corner of the court!

“How’s that now?” I ask. I grin as he bends over to catch his breath.

I bend over to pick up the next ball for my service. My breasts swing forward and the sweat tickles as it runs up between them. A gust of wind comes up and flips my skirt up in the air. Thankfully I had my tight little cropped shorts under my skirt. I stand up quickly.

I turn around and see that he is certainly impressed by the little flash I gave him. Geez his shorts grow tighter across the front as I can see him growing inside.

“C’mon, keep it up!” I yell at him, as my serve whizzes past his ear and bounces inside the court.

I bounce as I send the next service his way. Oh I really need a new bra, my breasts just keep jiggling! And I know he noticed as his eyes nearly popped out of his head as my breasts nearly popped out of my tank top.

We kept firing balls backwards and forwards between each other. Some hit, others went all the way deep to the back, we were huffing and puffing. At the end of the game we both collapsed on the ground, our backs hard up against the wall. I grabbed the balls and looked at the colour of the court – I had worked him so hard that I had turned his balls blue.

To the man who needs his bush trimmed | 4th Nov 2016

When I turned up to his house he was very apologetic.

‘I’m so sorry for the state of the garden. I just haven’t had time with work and everything else. Now my wife has left me and I need to sell the house. But of course, I just can’t get to the garden. I need your help!’

He really did need my help, the grass was long, the hedges were looking scraggly, and there were weeds higher than the box hedge edging the garden beds!

‘It’s ok’, I said, ‘I’ll get your bushes trimmed and your box pulled in no time.’ OMG! I can’t believe I said that! I blushed. He just smiled and let out a little laugh. ‘I know I’m in good hands’, he replied. With that he went inside and I went to get my tools.

‘Brrr’, I thought. It was cooler than I had expected. I had my shorts on and thankfully a jacket over my t-shirt. I bent in the back of my vehicle and I felt my slightly too tight shorts ride up between my legs. Thankfully I had a g-string on underneath so the crotch in my shorts just went up a little higher, spreading my cheeks and making my arse look that bit rounder. I wondered if he had been peering out the front window what he would have thought!

I grabbed my large hedging shears and lifted them above my head. Chop. Chop. Chop. The clippings rained down around me. OMG! I had forgotten how much of a work out this was! It wasn’t long before my jacket came off. Chop. Chop. Chop. Pieces of leaves fell over my body and down the front of my top - between my breasts. Chop. Chop. Chop. My arms outstretched, I didn’t notice my t-shirt tightened across my breasts and my stomach peered above the top of my shorts. Chop. Chop. Chop.

‘Hi’, a voice came from behind me, ‘I thought you might like some water’. I spun around to see him standing there. I saw his eyes scan over my breasts, my t-shirt straining against them, and then down over my stomach and to the top of my shorts where there was a gap. I smiled. He blushed. ‘Thank you’, I said as I smiled and gave him a little wink.

‘I’m hot now!’ I said. He smiled at me. ‘I noticed you’d taken your top off’, he replied. A bead of sweat rolled down the side of my face, along my jaw, and down my neck, tracing a line down between my breasts. I saw him watch it cascade over my body.

He nervously cleared his throat. I could see that he was excited to watch me get all hot and sweaty in front of him. I think it had been a while since a woman had had him hot and sweaty too. ‘You certainly know how to handle a big tool’, he said. I grinned and winked at him. Oh if only he knew just how well I could handle big tools!

To the Man... in the Cafe | 27th Oct 2016

It’s a gorgeous sunny day. I’ve decided it’s time to get out and so I head out to the local coffee shop. I have to admit, I could have changed into something a little less casual. I have a pair of cut-off jeans that are now shorts & I’m wearing a white v-neck t shirt. Nothing too dressy, but let’s face it I’m only down the road – who would I see?

The sun was warm on my legs and I had a spring in my step as I walked down the road. The sunshine really does lift you. I was getting closer to the café. That’s when I saw you. You were walking towards me. You looked good. Let’s face it, you looked hot and I don’t mean because of the sun. I could make out the shape of your body beneath your top and it looked good. Not all muscle bound, there were still curves to soften the muscles – it gave you a softness only maturity and self-confidence can.

I couldn’t help it, I smiled, I think I even blushed! Yes, I was imagining your body already! So you can imagine my face when we both grabbed for the café door at the same time. Our hands brushed each other’s and I giggled like a school girl. But you just smiled and tilted your head to one side, opened the door and said ‘After you’.

Ok, so I admit I did walk too closely to your arm and my breast did brush along your arm as you held the door open for me. But honestly who could blame me, you had me blushing and giggling, then I smelled you. Oh it was delicious. This smell of a man, strong, warm, and that hint of spicy that had me imagining your cheekiness.

You followed me in and up to the counter. I could see your reflection in the silver coffee machine and the glass cake cabinet. I smiled to myself as I watched you look me over. I noticed your eyes lingering around the tight curve of my arse in my cut-off shorts. I grinned to myself as the shop assistant took my order. There’s something reassuring when I can see you admiring me. I feel sexier than ever.

I grab my credit card from my purse, I feel your warm breath on the back of my neck. It makes me quiver. My card slips from between my fingers and on to the floor. Typical! I know that you will be watching my arse as I bend over in front of you.

I reach down to pick up my card and I’m greeted by your smile. You’ve beaten me to it. I smile back because I can see you’re looking down the neck of my top. You see my breasts filling the cups on my bra and the lace on the edges grabbing at the skin holding them tight. You can see right down across my stomach to the top of those cut-off shorts.

I look up and reach out my hand, ‘thank you’, I say. Our fingers almost touch! You blush and smile, I pay for my drink and quickly look for a spare table…

To the Man... Standing at the Bar | 21st Oct 2016

You're over there, just a few metres away from me. You've been watching me for the past five minutes, ever since I carefully slid myself on to the bar stool.

You noticed how as I carefully squeezed my thighs together, so as not to show the whole bar that I actually had no underwear on. I saw how your eyes ran up the length of my leg as I placed my foot, complete with red high heels, up on to the rung of the stool. You saw how my muscles tightened all the way up and under my short, tight red skirt.

You watched as I sipped my red wine, smiling when a bead of its soft peppery juice ran over my lip and I caught it with my tongue.

I smiled at you & I saw your cheeks flush red, then you smiled back. You raised your glass to me & I did in return. We both took a sip.

I saw you move from one foot to another as I uncrossed my left leg from being on top of my right and then swapped them so my right could be on top. Did you see up my tight red dress? Did you catch that flash of lace on the top of my stockings? What about the hint of the suspenders I covered with my dress? Now the one thing I'm not sure that you saw was the bareness that lay at the top of my thighs!

Oh hang on! There's that massive smile growing across your face! I can see I've made an impression. You walk over and I feel your groin brush up against my leg. Oh you saw that I didn't have underwear on, I can tell!

“Hi”, I say, a little smile curls in the corner of my mouth as I feel you pulsing against the top of my thigh. I look down at my leg & then up at your face. You blush…

Bath Part II | 13th Oct 2016

The bath fills, I tip the bubble mixture in and bubbles explode up towards me. Little drops of water splash against my tight stomach and slowly roll down my body. The air stirs with the water coming out of the spout and makes a little breeze. I get goose bumps.

My little yellow rubber duck sits on the corner of the bath tub. His beak erect and firm and his body smooth. I might bring him into the bath a little later for some fun.

I turn off the tap and gently ease one foot into the bath, then the other. I slowly slip my thighs into the water, the water touches the roundness of my arse, bubbles pop between my thighs and I quiver a little. 1, 2, 3; I slip my body into the bath and the water slides up between my thighs and runs up my stomach to my round breasts. I sigh.

I reach my painted toes out of the bath and tip my duck in. The water splashes up onto my breasts and face and I gently wipe the drops from my lips. The waves duck & I make push him up my thigh. His hard smooth beak is firm against the bottom of my thigh. He bobs back and forth, slowly creeping up my leg to the dip in my thigh before my hip. I roll over in the bath & that knocks him onto the small of my back, he tips forward and his beak tickles the crack between my cheeks. I squirm.

I push myself down the bath so my legs spread wide and I’m ready to pounce. I push off and a wave of water and bubbles rush ahead of me warming my breasts. I reach the other end of the bath and the water races over my shoulders, down my back, over my arse, between my thighs, and down my legs. A trail of bubbles is left down my body. I spread my legs so they are touching the sides of the bath. A firm wave of warm water returns up my legs and crashes between them. It knocks the bubbles off of my arse and the small of my back.

I push up on my hands, my nipples are just brushing the bubbles. The bubbles pop against them, tickling and making me erect. I kneel in the bath and the water sheets down over the curve of my breasts and across my stomach. I stand and it travels around and between my legs.

I step out of the bath and reach for my warm towel. Time for bed I think! Who’s joining me?

Lingerie Shopping Part II | 5th Oct 2016

Armed with a red lace bra set, a red bra with rope ties across my chest and red satin corset style set we headed out the back into the change rooms. I let her lead the way so I could watch those hips sway in front of me. Honey sure knew how to work it.

The door of the cubicle creaked open and she delicately hung the items inside. She looked at me and with a sly little smile and said, ‘I’ll check in on you shortly’.

I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped out of my hugging pants. I looked at myself in the mirror, there were mirrors in front and to the side. I turned so I could see myself. I looked forward to getting out of this bra and trying on something sexy that Honey had chosen.

I undid my bra, as I did my breasts sprung loose and Honey asked, ‘Do you mind if I come in and check on you?’ Hmmm, let me see, do I mind having a hot young thing in a change room with me while I only have my panties on? ‘Not at all!’, I replied, ‘Come on in.’

Honey opened the door and I could see her eyes travel down my back, past my waist and over the curve of my arse. Thank god I had put on my red set with the g-string! I caught her eye, she blushed a little.

She leaned in and reached the first bra. It was all satin with lacing up from the bottom of my ribcage up to the bottom of each breast. The back had three fastenings, one right under my shoulder blades, one down on the bottom of my ribcage, and the third in between. She looked at me and said, ‘I’m definitely going to need to help you get into this!’

I eased my breasts into the cups as her hands straightened the lacing underneath and then smoothed the satin strapping around my ribs to the fastenings on the back. She deftly did up the fastenings.

‘Turn around’, she demanded. I looked down and I could see that my breasts were pressing against the two satin straps that travelled up from the edge of the cups to over my shoulders. They were almost bubbling! I could see my breasts touching in the middle. Oh how I could imagine some Spanish fun in this! The satin so smooth and slippery, the metal on the eyelets for the lacing giving a cold thrill!

‘Hmmm’, she said – her head tilting to one side making her shirt gape open so that I could see her rounded breast in her lace bra. ‘A bit too matronly, or does your partner like a bit of lacing up?’ I smiled & replied, ‘Well we like to mix things up.’

‘Ok then, what about this set? It’s designed after the Japanese bondage of Shibari.” I looked at it and said, ‘You’re definitely going to have to stay in here and help me with this one, there is rope going everywhere!’

Honey told me to bend over in front of her so my breasts would fall forward into the cups. I had to oblige, she was about to tie me into it! The satin of the bra was cool and firm, the rope ran up between my breasts, skirted over the top of each to the straps and then was tied in a knot just below my collar bone. My nipples peaked out over the edge of the cup.

‘Let me help those back in’ Honey said with a sly little smile as she eased my nipples into place in the bra. Her index finger brushed the edge of my left nipple and it stood to her attention. ‘I like the look of you tied up’ she said. ‘My partner does too’, I replied. ‘Nothing too much though, just a little fun to keep things spicy.’ What was it about her that made me feel that I had to explain myself? She had me nervous. I don’t get nervous, I’m in control!

‘There’s one more I’d like to see on you’, she said. ‘It’s called Scarlette and it’s my favourite. In fact I have it on right now.’ I was tempted to tell her that I had already seen. I mean, her round breast just about bounced out of it when she bent over earlier!

‘You’re going to have to help me out of these ropes’, I replied, a little nervous smile on my lips. She hesitated and took her time as she slipped the soft rope down between my breasts. ‘It’s a shame to take it off without trying on the suspenders. They’re like a cage of satin straps. They wrap around your hips, sit at the top of your g-string and would certainly hug firmly to that little waist.’

‘Scarlette!’, I said. ‘I like the name, it sounds innocent but you know it’s bound to really be naughty.’ I winked as I said it, knowing that this saucy thing had it on under her shirt.

‘Ooooh, a mixture of satin and lace. Something for every occasion.’ I said as I licked my lips in anticipation. I knew it would look good on. The lace covered the cups and brushed across the top. Satin straps crossed under my breasts making it look oh so naughty!

Honey giggled, ‘Your nipples really don’t like being contained do they? They like being wild and free’ She was right, as much as I enjoy the lingerie, I still enjoy having my breasts free in the open. I looked down to see the darkness around my nipples peering out under the lace edging of the cups. I flushed. ‘Then these are perfect then!’ I replied, laughing.

‘Your partner will like the g-string’ she added. ‘ Just the smallest square of lace to cover you in front a piece to start between your cheeks at the back and that holds the straps of satin that curve over your hips to join the lace square in front.’

‘I knew you would find me the right thing’, I said to Honey. She smiled and pulled her shirt to one side, exposing her nipple poking out the top of her bra. ‘Of course’ she replied ‘I knew I liked your taste.’

Bath Time | 29th Sep 2016

There’s something about Friday nights & coming in from a long day of work, pouring myself a glass of red wine and heading into the bathroom.

I go in and turn the heater on to warm up the room. Nothing worse than standing naked in a cold bathroom, shivering. Back into my bedroom, I unbutton my shirt and slip out of my pants. I’m free of the day! Time for another sip of wine I think. The wine rushes into my mouth. It warms on my tongue, the smells hit my nose. I can smell the alcohol and it makes me feel giddy. I swallow and the warmth runs down my throat and warms me through. I sigh and relax. All is good.

I put the glass down and reach behind my back. One, two. The hooks on my bra spring open and my breasts spill out. I slip the straps off of my shoulders and I rub my neck. It’s so nice to be free. I stretch my arms up into the air. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My breasts stand up. I twist my body from side to side.

‘Not bad Lexie! Not bad at all!’ I whisper.

I walk into the bathroom to see if the room is warming up. I catch my breath, it’s still cold as the chill creeps through my body giving me goose bumps all over. I feel them prickle up my legs and inside my thighs. My body shudders. Time for more wine!

I walk back into my bedroom. I sit down on the edge of the bed. I fling myself backwards on the bed and my legs fly up in the air. I giggle as the blood rushes to my head. My hand slides down my body to my panties and I whip them off and they fly across the room. My bare arse is up in the air, my legs over my head and I laugh at the sight I must be! I quickly flick my legs forward and I spring out of bed and onto my feet. My breasts bounce a little as I land. I lean for the glass of wine next to the bed and I notice the roundness of my breasts as I do. I really do love them.

I pick up my glass and take a sip. Woops! There’s too much in my mouth and the liquid trickles down my chin, on to my neck and slips between my rounded breasts. Thank goodness I drink red wine! White would be too cold! Now I definitely need that bath.

I walk back into the bathroom. The floor is warm and my body softens feeling the heat in the room. I place my wine glass down next to the bath. I bend over the bath to pick up the plug and I ease the plug into the hole. Leaning over my breasts touch the edge of my deep bath, the cold makes me & my breasts stand up.

Right, time for the water!

Lingerie Shopping | 21st Sep 2016

Lingerie Shopping

So you might have seen on Twitter, a few photos of some new outfits I thought you might like. I love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, so please keep them coming. But in the meantime, I thought I would let you know how my last lingerie shop went.

I was looking for something lacy or racy, so I took myself into Honey Birdette ( I just love their sauciness). I walked up the mall towards the store. I could feel my heart racing and my breath got shallower as I saw the tassle on their door. What is it about tassles? I glanced over my shoulder to make sure no one I knew was around. I’d hate to be busted. Oh the questions!

I took a deep breath and stepped in. I was faced with walls of lace & buckles & ties & ribbons. There were bras and knickers, suspenders and jumpsuits. All were laid out for me. My heart was racing, I was a kid in a lolly shop. I looked around.


There she was, young, perky, long hair flowing over one shoulder. She was Honey Birdette. Sex on legs. I licked my lips and I felt my lips moisten. Oh how I could imagine what she had on under that tight top and pants.

‘Hi, I’m looking for something fun. Something to put a smile on my man’s face. Something to grab his attention.’

‘Something to tease’, I added.

She nodded, knowingly. I bet she did! She walked over to the wall next to me. My eyes travelled down her body. She quickly spun around. Oh! Did she see me? Did I get caught out? She looked at me and grinned, her cheeks flushed a little. I was caught. I smiled back, well what else was I to do? She was a hot young thing with a tight round arse. You would have done the same. She winked and turned back to the wall.

‘I can imagine you in red’, she said. ‘Your pale skin & blonde hair. It would certainly make anyone smile seeing you in red’, she grinned as she teased me.

I looked at the wall. There were red lace, red lace ups, red buckled items. Oh the fun we could have!

‘Let’s grab a few’, I said. ‘I want to really spice things up & I could do with a variety of outfits.’

‘You’re a…?’ Oh! She’s asking for how big my breasts are! I forgot that I had my push up bra on and I was spilling out of the top.

’14 C’, I replied and I leaned in towards her to help choose from the wall.

The young Honey gathered a handful of bras, matching panties, and a few suspender belts from the red wall.

‘Let’s take you out the back’, she said with a wink of her eye and a flick of her hair.

Happily, I followed. I would have followed that tight perky thing anywhere.

Food Play | 14th Sep 2016

Sweet, sticky, soft, firm, ripe, plump, long, hard. Delicious! There’s something about going out for dinner and then coming back to the room to eat each other for desert. With food play we can explore each other with our tongues, enjoying how we taste and feel.

I know our Mums always told us we were naughty playing with our food. It’s ok to be naughty when it feels this good! Plus, I’m one to make you eat your fruit and vegies – especially when I’m the dish! Surely it’s ok to have some food play if you lick the dishes clean?

I can just imagine the food play where I become your banana’s sundae. I’m picturing you drizzling over generous amounts of warm chocolate sauce, piling whipped cream on to my mound and my firm round cherries. Because you like to savour each and every morsel of your desert, you slowly lick the toppings off. But what’s that? You’ve forgotten to put your large banana in the dish? It’s ok, I’m sure we can make some room.

Or perhaps you preference is for a cheese food play. My body is a firm board for you to arrange soft cheeses over. I can feel the soft brie oozing on to stomach, it’s creamy and sticky all at once, but you’re there to lick me clean. You feed me some of the salty creaminess but all I want is sweet. You tease me with a strawberry you’ve used to wipe up your sticky creamy brie and tell me to close my eyes. You run the strawberry over my lips, all I can feel is the firm, red, round tip pressed against my lips. I open up and you let your strawberry come into my mouth.

I find food play a wonderful way to move on from dinner in a GFE, or a delicious supper option for an evening meeting. It’s also a great way for me to move into a fire and ice experience for you.

Alternatively, we can incorporate food play into a massage for you – it’s amazing how cream or chocolate sauce help my hands slip over your body. Cream straight from the fridge certainly makes the body sit up and take notice, where as chocolate sauce runs into all sorts of places with the heat of a body.

If my brief thoughts about food play has your mind racing with ideas you would like us to try, like perhaps I’m not a plate but a red wine glass, then I would love to hear more about what you have planned with our food play experience. You can contact me through my website and read more of what others have had to say when they DATY.

BJ BBBJ | 6th Sep 2016

I have to say I’ve met a few shy guys in my time, but none have been able to resist my mouth and the things it can do. BJ, BBBJ, Covered BJ, Swallow, I have to say that next to a massage these are always a popular way to get you relaxed, comfortable , and ready for more.

While I like to follow your lead, I know there are times where I just need to take control of the situation. There’s something about a BJ that has guys rising to the occasion and weak at the knees all at once.

I offer a few options with your BJ. I offer it as part of my exotic massage, I offer them as a BBBJ, I also do covered BJ if you prefer.

For those of you who are into a little more fun, I offer Fire and Ice to heat the BJ or BBBJ up. In case you are wondering, yes I will swallow for you, but realise that this is a special service for your BJ. Another variation I offer is tea bagging, but we can talk about that later.

Ladies, don’t feel left out, I offer natural oral for you too. When I have the opportunity, it reminds me just why guys like to DATY. Or guys, I offer this service as part of my doubles experience, either with one of my friends or with your partner. Couples, doubles, or two girls (whichever you prefer) always makes a BJ experience a lot of fun.

While I could tell you how wonderful I am at giving you BJ or BBBJ, I’d rather just leave it to a few words from other clients: “Her oral skills are "mind" blowing, and I have rarely seen anyone so responsive and well aggressively mobile in response to a touch or tongue.” “I experienced one of the most intense BJs I can remember.” “BBBJ was awesome” I won’t ruin the surprise, but if you would like to read what others have said about my BJ, then you can read these BJ and BBBJ testimonials.

For ideas on BJ pricing, please refer to my services menu and if the idea of these has you eager to try my BBBJ skills, then head down here to book yourself in.

Massage | 30th Aug 2016

You poor thing! You seem tight, it’s ok, let me massage you. Is that better? Or would you like me to press a little firmer? Lower? How’s about there? What about longer strokes? Softer strokes?

I find massages a great way to relax into our time together and allows us to get to know each other’s bodies better. I let you guide me as to whether it is a firm massage, or a more sensual massage, or perhaps we move between the two.

When it comes to massage, I offer a number of different styles and of course I’m always available for a happy ending. A massage is a nice way to move into a BJ or BBBJ, or perhaps there is something else on my menu you’d like to try?

Don’t forget that massages don’t have be given (or taken) lying down, there’s something about having a massage in a warm running shower or in a deep, relaxing bubble bath. I’m open to massaging you wherever you please (ladies too).

If you’re the kind of person who likes things a little different there’s the option of mixing in a foot massage, or perhaps a firm massage and some light bondage is more your style! Perhaps you’d like your massage while I’m wearing some sexy little lingerie, or would you like it as part of some role play?

I wish I could share with you what others think of my massages, seems so far that they all love massaging me, you can read what they have to say over in the testimonials – let’s say you guys like to start at my toes!

If you’d like to book in for one of my massages, or if you would like to massage me, then please contact me to organise a time. I know we’ll have a happy ending.

Adelaide Escort | 23rd Aug 2016

Welcome, I hear you’re after a little fun with a discreet, refined Adelaide escort. I’m so glad you’ve found me, as I’m that and more. My name is Lexie and I’m your athletic blonde in Adelaide.

I find that men (and women) choose me as their Adelaide Escort, not only because I am discreet but because I’m fun to be around. I enjoy the finer things and I know you’re one of them. I am happy to play and take direction from you, or if you’re looking for an Adelaide Escort to run the show – I’m your woman.

When it comes to services I offer a wide menu for you. Don’t worry, these extend to men, women, and couples (I can organise doubles for you and use another delicious Adelaide Escort).

If you are coming in to Adelaide from interstate or overseas, I am your Adelaide Escort for a relaxing GFE, elegant dinner date, or overnight date for your time in town. If you would like to organise me for one of your visits to Adelaide, I have my availability listed on my site – making things easier to organise in advance.

If you are a local looking for an Adelaide Escort, don’t forget that I am also happy to organise a room, so we can meet discreetly. This is just one of the many additional services I offer so that you can relax and enjoy me.

For those wondering what this Adelaide Escort offers, there is a service list on my site but here are a few things to get your mind wondering: BJ,  passionate deep french kissing, intimate showers for 2, role play, massage, doubles and much, much more. I have to admit there’s nothing I like more than when you DATY, but don’t make me wait or squirm too much or you can expect more than your average GFE.

As a discreet woman, I’m not one to brag, but here’s some idea of what others have said about having me as their Adelaide Escort:

“For those who follow Lexie on Twitter, I can reassure you that she is as positive in person as she is on Twitter. Lexie had me smiling, with her playful banter, which for me just added to the experience.”

“Gentlemen you are looking for somebody to take away who is discreet and good at what she does this is the Lady for you”

“Lexie is extremely easy to get on with, very accommodating. Whether casually dressed or fine dining she is elegantly dressed and wears beautiful exquisite lingerie.”

I’ve left the naughty, juicy details over on my site, so if you want more of an idea on how hard I go, how my BBBJ will blow your mind, or how me going commando when we head out to dinner will make you feel, I want to see you over there.